The Monday Memo: 5/9/2016

The Monday Memo

May 9, 2016                                                                           PITT DPT STUDENTS

Becoming a Second Year DPT Student

A classroom full of 56 driven, caffeine infused, furiously scribbling Doctor of Physical Therapy students is daunting. They wiggle in their seats as they are taught the physiology of ischemic tissue, frantically look to their neighbor as the professor asks a question and curse their decidedly expensive and florescent pen which has just run out of ink after only two weeks of use. Every student leaps from their mildly cushioned chair, dashes outside, and gasps for 5 minutes of fresh air as their professor declares a break. The days are long and material dense. The nights are longer and material becomes more dense. Eyes strain to decipher tiny black Times New Roman characters dancing across the screen taunting the students who are not yet able to comprehend the artistically choreographed minuet.

As the hours, days, weeks and months carry on, these students weave their studies together in a tapestry of cranial nerves, grades of manual therapy mobilizations and ICU monitor readings. Slowly, the scenes come to life. The thread, previously standing alone, now plays a grander role in the tapestry. What was once a source of anxiety, stress and frustration, begins to transition into a source of confidence. The tapestry boldly encompasses the students as they enter the clinical setting. Embracing them, supporting them. And as they fumble underneath the weight of its magnitude and reach out in desperation for the Clinical Instructor, the students regain their footing. Meditating on the “Mantra,” the threads haunt their dreams until they become an innate part of their everyday existence. Passers-by become subjects of intensely studied gait patterns. Their significant others are the test dummies of goniometry readings, supine lumbo-pelvic rolls and are grilled with an exceedingly endless list of questions probing their every move in the past six months in attempts to determine their source of pain.

The semester climaxes with a crescendo of lab practicals, one hundred question exams, little food because their financial aid has run low, miserably gray April rains, self-evaluations and clinical evaluations, meetings with professors! . . . . . And suddenly there is silence. A still calm. It is the end of first year. The students rejoice in the empty space and await the fresh start of a second year. New books, new faces, new skills . . . . and new artistic scenes woven into their tapestry.

– Molly Bachmann, Class of 2018 President


Spotlight: Congratulations to all of our 2015/2016 Scholarship winners!

Dorothy Bradley Brown Endowed Scholarship (PT): Samantha Abbott, Nicole Dresden, Kaitlin Dunn, Shanna Gayer, Michael Turnwald

Mary Behling Browne Physical Therapy Scholarship (PT): Rebecca Russell, Bethany Trotter

Pat Croce Scholarship (PT): Kelson Coddington, Shannon Lee

Mary K. Daly-Crum Student Award (PT): Jaclyn Morino

David Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine Center / Joseph M. David Endowed Scholarship (PT): Gabrielle Plesniak, John Anthony Sinacore

Anthony Delitto Endowed Fund in Physical Therapy (PT): Olivia Hart, Rebecca Mason

Victoria Green Memorial Student Resource Award (PT): Cory Bauer, Ellen Teasley

Patricia Leahy Memorial Scholarship (PT): Katharine Siegel

Pearl Cricco Mann Scholarship (PT): Margaret Anzalone, Anjali Kunnel

Alice Chagnot Oulette Endowment Award (PT): Alexander Kauffman, Allison Morrison

PT Class of 2009 Student Award (PT): Amanda Church

Paul and Judy Rockar Scholarship (PT): Bethany Trotter

D.T. Watson Alumni Scholarship (PT): Danielle Demarco, Brandon Rodgers

*Information regarding scholarship opportunities may be found on the SHRS PT website:


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