The Monday Memo: 2/6/2012


February 6, 2012                                                                                DPT Class of 2014



Laughter. We pursue it like an addictive drug. We invent absurd hypotheticals, subject ourselves to social suicide, and contort our bodies and minds around the impossible and illogical- all in the pursuit of laughter. But why go through the trouble? What is the value of a laugh that makes you cry? Why do we seek this incapacitating moment when all we can do is make strange gasping noises, turn red and suffer cheek cramps, and curl into the tightest fetal position imaginable? Of course, there are many good reasons for exposing gaffes, making ridiculous jokes and acting silly. But, one reason we can all relate to is the physical effect laughter has on our bodies. Whether we are indulging in the latest episode of The Office or popping in Step Brothers for the umpteenth time, we are simply junkies looking for a fix of stress relief.


Sure, laughter is fun but it is healthy too! Laughter induces short-term physical changes such as stimulating our heart and lungs, enhancing our intake of oxygen, and revving up and then toning down our blood pressure. Laughter ultimately has a soothing, calming effect on our muscles.  Though more than a quick pick-me-up, over the long-term, laughter improves immune function, generates optimistic thinking by releasing neuropeptides, relieves pain and increases personal satisfaction. So, be sure to take the time to laugh and relieve a little stress. Next time you find yourself laughing or behaving inappropriately (in class) just remember to excuse yourself and explain that it’s only in the best interest of your health!



Mark Your Calendars!
  • Monday, February 13th Evidence-Based Practice – ‘Split Class’
  • Wednesday, February 15th Neuroscience Lab – Lab Practical
  • Friday, February 17th Patient Management – Midterm
  • Monday, February 20th Application deadline to be a student usher at PT 2012 in Tampa, FL More info:
  • Saturday, March 31st First-Year Formal


Class Reminders
  • Monday: Evidence-Based Practice – class cancelled due to CSM
  • Tuesday: Patient Management – PBL Presentations e-mailed to Prof. Hornyak
  • Wednesday: Neuroscience Lecture – Written Exam
  • Wednesday: Musculoskeletal – Lumbar Spine: Written Exam (normally scheduled)
  • Friday: Patient Management – Guest Speaker; business casual attire
  • Friday: PT Rounds – cancelled due to CSM
  • Friday: Survey of Human Disease – class cancelled due to CSM
  • Sunday: Survey of Human Disease – Renal Quiz due on CourseWeb



If you want to help out at CSM, the Sports Section is still looking for volunteers. More information here:



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