The Monday Memo: 2/27/2012


February 27, 2012                                                                             DPT Class of 2014

Learn It, Earn It, Return It


This past Friday, the University of Pittsburgh celebrated its 225th Anniversary with the 36th Annual Honors Convocation making it “An ideal time to reflect on Pitt’s accomplishments in providing individuals with abundant opportunities ‘to build better lives,’ for themselves and their communities,” said Chancellor Mark A. Nordenberg. Though over 1,800 graduate and undergraduate scholarship recipients filled the grandiose Carnegie Music Hall, only three honorees were awarded the 2011 Distinguished Alumni Fellow Awards. Needless to say, we were all in awe yet proud of their outstanding resumes and accomplishments representing our university.


During their acceptance speeches, each reflected on the power and importance of receiving assistance along their path to success. Without the charitable efforts of others, they themselves would be unable to ‘learn it, earn it and return it.’ Everyone needs assistance; everyone needs encouragement. As we continue through our graduate education and professional careers, let’s remember the significant influences our DPT program has afforded us and to reciprocate. We all can do more to enhance the opportunities of others. David A. Tepper (BA Economics ‘72), one of the humble award recipients, summarized the importance of generosity well when he said, “If and only if an individual gives back, may he consider himself distinguished.”



Mark Your Calendars!
  • Saturday & Sunday, March 3rd & 4th Pitt-Marquette Hosts –Dr. George Davies
  • Friday & Saturday, March 9th & 10th  Pitt-Marquette Hosts –Dr. Tom McPoil
  • Tuesday, March 13th – PPTA Meeting – Deep Brain Stimulation, Catherine Birk, MD @ Healthsouth Harmarville
  • Friday, March 16th End of Early Bird Registration for PT Annual Conference
  • Saturday, March 24th Mini-CSM – 9:00am – 12:00pm PPTA Southwest District! Lots of students attending!
  • Saturday, March 31st First-Year Formal


Class Reminders
  • Monday: Cardiopulmonary – Midterm Exam
  • Monday: Evidence-Based Practice – Midterm Exam
  • Wednesday: Neuroscience Lab – Quiz on Ascending Tracts
  • Friday: Patient Management – Guest speaker on Prosthetics
  • Friday: PT Rounds – Group B
  • Friday: Survey of Human Disease –Midterm Exam




February 26, 2012 |

The Monday Memo: 2/20/2012


February 20, 2012                                                                             DPT Class of 2014



Every third Monday in February, our country takes a moment to recognize the birth of the first President of the United States of America, George Washington. Washington was a tremendous leader and admired by Americans for his patriotism, intelligence, foresight and selflessness. Though he would have turned 280 years old this year, Washington’s extraordinary qualities and legacy continue to set the bar for our current leaders.


As physical therapy students at the University of Pittsburgh, we do not have to search far to find outstanding leadership. The president of the APTA, Scott Ward; University of Pittsburgh Legacy Laureate, Paul Rockar; highly influential DPT program director, Anthony Delitto; and all other distinguished and passionate faculty with whom we interact daily are remarkable role models and mentors. While leadership is most evident in these accomplished individuals, it remains necessary at every level of the physical therapy profession, including in the clinic and classroom.


Each individual student in the Class of 2014 possesses a strength that can be admired and emulated by our fellow classmates. To delay your own personal development or contribution to physical therapy due to a lack of confidence, familiarity or desire is a true shame. We are in this professional program to challenge ourselves and strive for excellence. To borrow Dr. Rockar’s phrase, “Your legacy started yesterday.” What will your legacy look like and what are you doing today that would make Washington proud?


Mark Your Calendars!
  • Monday, February 20th Application deadline to be a student usher at PT 2012 in Tampa, FL More info:
  • Sunday, February 26th – Survey of Human Disease – Hepatic Quiz due on CourseWeb
  • Monday, February 27th Cardiopulmonary – Mid-term
  • Monday, February 27th Evidence-Based Practice – Mid-term
  • Saturday, March 24th – Mini-CSM – PPTA Southwest District
  • Saturday, March 31st First-Year Formal


Class Reminders
  • Monday: Evidence-Based Practice – Split Class
    • 7:00 – 7:50am (Right Side of Room) 6th floor computer lab
    • 4:00 – 4:50pm (Left Side of Room) 6th floor computer lab
  • Monday: Evidence-Based Practice – Scenario and question due
  • Monday: Cardiopulmonary – Bring Stethoscope to class; Homework assignment due
  • Friday: Patient Management – Group reading assignments
  • Friday: PT Rounds – Group A
  • Friday: Survey of Human Disease –Guest speaker Mandy Bell; business casual attire
  • Friday: Clinical Education – CIET Mid-Terms due- (1. CIET from CI; 2. Self-Assessment CIET; 3. Clinical Benchmarks 4. Site Evaluation if problematic)


  • Please join us Wednesday at noon in Rm. 6045 to hear the CSM-ers talk about their experience in Chicago! We all need to be there next year in Nashville, TN!
  • Sign up for the Mini-CSM hosted by the PPTA Southwest District
  • We need to submit our APTA membership list by 4/30/12 in order to be eligible in the Reach 100 initiative conducted by the Student Assembly Board of Directors!


February 19, 2012 |

Delitto, Paris Appointed to Foundation’s Board of Trustees

Congratulations to Dr. Anthony Delitto of the University of Pittsburgh Physical Therapy Program


ALEXANDRIA, VA, (February 3, 2012) – The Foundation for Physical Therapy is pleased to announce the appointment of 2 new members to the Foundation’s Board of Trustees: Anthony Delitto, PT, PhD, FAPTA, and Stanley Paris, PT, PhD, FAPTA, FAAOMPT.


“The Foundation is excited to welcome Dr Delitto and Dr Paris onto our Board of Trustees. Their combined expertise and passion for the physical therapy profession will be an asset to the future growth of the Foundation,” said Foundation Board of Trustees President and Chair William G. Boissonnault, PT, DPT, DHSc, FAPTA, FAAOMPT.


Dr Delitto

Dr Anthony Delitto is professor and associate dean of research in the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences (SHRS) at the University of Pittsburgh. He is also chair of the department of physical therapy, director of research for the Comprehensive Spine Center at UPMC, as well as vice president for Education and Research Centers for Rehabilitation Services (formerly CORE Network). He is the author of numerous publications and the recipient of many honors and awards. Dr Delitto has had a long-standing relationship with the Foundation, serving as a member of the Foundation’s Scientific Review Committee, the Scientific Advisory Committee, and the Doctoral Research Awards Committee. He was instrumental in the establishment of the Foundation’s Scientific Advisory Committee, and also served as principal investigator of the Foundation-funded Clinical Research Center at the University of Pittsburgh. Additionally, Dr Delitto has supported the Foundation over the years by successfully leading his students in the Foundation’s annual Pittsburgh-Marquette Challenge.


Dr Paris

Dr Stanley Paris is the founding president and member of the Board of Trustees of the University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences in Florida. During his career, Dr Paris has continually been involved in research, clinical practice, and teaching in the area of orthopedic and manual physical therapy, with a focus on the spine. He has published more than 40 articles in physical therapy, medical, and osteopathic journals, as well as a book titled, The Spinal Lesion. He is the recipient of many honors and awards, including the World Confederation for Physical Therapy’s 2011 Mildred Elson Award, the top honor in physical therapy. Dr Paris has also had a long-time relationship with the Foundation for Physical Therapy. He often has gone above and beyond in helping to support the Foundation by making it a beneficiary of his own personal pursuits, including swimming the English Channel to raise awareness and donations for physical therapy research.


The Foundation’s Board of Trustees plays an important role in the growth and development of the organization and its mission of funding physical therapy research. Board members provide leadership in developing official policies, direct all business and financial affairs for the Foundation, and actively promote its fundraising activities.


The Foundation for Physical Therapy was established in 1979 as a national, independent, nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the quality and delivery of physical therapy care by providing support for scientifically-based and clinically- relevant physical therapy research, and doctoral scholarships and fellowships.


Contributions to the Foundation for Physical Therapy are tax-deductible and can be made online at or sent to its headquarters at 1111 North Fairfax Street, Alexandria, VA 22314. For more information, e-mail, or call 800/875-1378.

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The Monday Memo: 2/13/2012


February 13, 2012                                                                  DPT Class of 2014

Combined Sections Meeting


What a turnout for this year’s CSM in Chicago! Overall, there were 12,654 present (over 3k students!) making it the largest in history. Despite being first-year students and first-time attendees, there were plenty of lectures, forums, and events for us to attend. You’d certainly be proud of the University of Pittsburgh group as we refused to be passive observers and certainly embraced our mantra of being lifelong (active) learners. Whether this was evident by introducing ourselves to others, quietly approaching the presenters after a session or posing a question to a discussion panel directly in front of thousands of pairs of intently listening ears, we spoke intelligently and demonstrated our ability to think critically about the topics at hand.


Aside from the knowledge and expertise, the most impressive element of the conference was the unmistakable excitement and optimism in the air. It was communicable and everyone partook. Witnessing the passion, commitment and enthusiasm for our profession was incredibly inspiring. In addition, it was plainly clear that we all saw each other as colleagues, not in some hierarchy based on seniority or expertise. Everyone was, indeed, equally approachable and eager to converse. If there was to be one take home message, it is that ‘we are the APTA’. None of us can practice in isolation and our professional organization is 100% dependent on every single licensed therapist and student in the country. The first-year class hopes to give a brief presentation on our experience next Wednesday at noon. All are encouraged to attend!


Mark Your Calendars!
  • Monday, February 20th Evidence-Based Practice – 1st part of project due; scenario and question
  • Monday, February 20th Application deadline to be a student usher at PT 2012 in Tampa, FL More info:
  • Friday, February 24th CIET Midterm Evaluations Due
  • Sunday, February 26th Survey of Human Disease – Hepatic Quiz due on CourseWeb
  • Saturday, March 31st First-Year Formal


Class Reminders
  • Monday: Evidence-Based Practice – Split Class
    • 7:00 – 7:50 am (Left Side of Room) 6th floor computer lab
    • 4:00 – 4:50pm (Right Side of Room) 6th floor computer lab
  • Monday: Cardiopulmonary – Quiz in class
  • Monday: Neuroscience Lab – 12 – 1:00pm optional review session
  • Wednesday: Neuroscience Lab –Lab Practical
    • 9:30am (Group 1) Agrawal, Beckman, Blackburn, Collins, Daughenbaugh, DeBole, Farver, Fountain, Goldstein, Hassinger, Janusz, Jowaiszas, Karhoff, Leary, Malacarne, Mick, Mortensen, Mullins, O’Connell, Pepicelli, Poploski, Rosso, Rubeor, Sedlock, Spenser, Still
    • 10:45am (Group 2) Everyone else!
  • Friday: Patient Management – Mid-Term in class
  • Friday: PT Rounds – Group B
  • Friday: Survey of Human Disease – Possible guest speaker; business casual attire



  • We need to submit our APTA membership list by 4/30/12 in order to be eligible in the Reach 100 initiative conducted by the Student Assembly Board of Directors!


February 12, 2012 |

Live from Combined Sections Meeting 2012

The University of Pittsburgh DPT students have hit the ground running at the 2012 APTA Combined Sections Meeting (CSM).

Check out the conversation @PittPT and #CSM2012

Summaries will be coming soon!!!

February 9, 2012 |