The Monday Memo: 1/9/2012


January 9, 2012                                                                                DPT Class of 2014

Do Not Make Assumptions


“On a cold January day, a forty-three-year-old man was sworn in as chief executive of his country. By his side stood his predecessor, a famous general, who fifteen years previously had commanded his country’s armed forces in a war, which resulted in the total defeat of the German nation.  This young man was brought up in the Roman Catholic faith, and, after the ceremonies, spent five hours reviewing a parade in his honor and stayed up until 3am celebrating. Who is it? The facts given are enough to make the average American immediately assume that it was John F. Kennedy. But it was Adolf Hitler.”  From Fundamentals of Negotiating, Gerald I. Nierenberg


We’ve heard the warning from many professors before; don’t make assumptions! Assumptions are a crucial part of human communication, but shouldn’t be made during our physical therapy evaluations and treatments. The above example clearly illustrates how assumptions can lead us in the wrong direction.  As we start a new clinical rotation, there may be situations that look familiar but let’s remember that every situation is different. Every patient has a slightly different history, presentation and deserves better than our premature assumption!


Mark Your Calendars!
  • This Week – Spring Clinical Rotations begin
  • Saturday, January 14th  ‘Preview Pitt PT’ Day
  • Monday, January 16th MLK Jr. Day (No Classes)
  • Friday, January 20th Performance Improvement Plan due to Lynn Fitzgerald



Class Reminders
  • Monday: Cardiopulmonary 8:00 – 9:50am Rm. 6045
  • Monday: Neuroscience Lecture 10:00 – 11:55am Rm. 4060
  • Monday: Musculoskeletal Lecture 1:00 – 3:50am Rm. 6045
  • Monday: No Evidence-Based Practice Lecture- Cancelled
  • Wednesday: Neuroscience Lab – Quiz
  • Wednesday: Musculoskeletal Lab – Possibly divide the class again- TBD
  • Friday: Survey of Human Disease – Guest Speaker – Ellen Whyte, MD; business casual
  • Friday: PT Rounds Resume – Group B (last half of the alphabet)




  • Quote of the Week –  “Damn”TJ response to Claire’s impressive summary of “Looking for PT Outcomes” Kane 1994
    • Do you have suggestions for QOTW? E-mail Matt!
  • Brief CSM Meeting­ – For those interested in traveling and staying with a group, we are meeting at lunch to discuss options that work for everyone. Please find Andrea to get details!
  • Survey of Human Disease Final – Betsy has offered to push-back our final exam from April 20th to April 27th if we would prefer. Please let the liaisons, Tyler and Mark, know if this is your preference. The date of the exam will remain as scheduled unless the class can come to a unanimous decision to push it back.


January 8, 2012 |

The Monday Memo: 1/2/2012


January 2, 2012                                                                                DPT Class of 2014

Happy New Year!


Happy New Year, PT Family! Hopefully we are all returning feeling reinvigorated and refreshed after the much needed winter break. Besides catching up with and proving to our friends and families that we are actually alive, it was great to clear our minds and relax. This spring semester will certainly be another challenging one, but if we continue to rely on and help each other, we will again be able to meet the demands and surpass expectations! Can’t wait to see everyone and pick up right where we left off. Our class has an amazing thing going and it’s exciting to see where we can go in 2012!


Mark Your Calendars!
  • This Week – No clinic this week
  • Friday, January 6th   Meeting to plan ‘Preview Pitt PT’ – @ 12pm with Dr. Kelly
  • Saturday, January 14th  ‘Preview Pitt PT’ Day



Class Reminders
  • Monday: Winter Recess
  • Monday: Winter Recess
  • Wednesday: Neuroscience Lecture – 8:00 – 8:55am Rm. 6045
  • Wednesday: Neuroscience Lab – 9:00 – 11:55am Rm. 6045
  • Wednesday: Musculoskeletal Lab – 1:00 – 4:55pm Rm. 6045
  • Friday: Pt. Management Lecture – 7:30 – 9:55am Rm. 6045
  • Friday: Pt. Management Lab – 10:00 – 11:25am Rm. 6045
  • Friday: Survey of Human Disease – 1:00 – 2:55pm Rm. 4014



  • Required Textbooks:
    • Neuroanatomy An Atlas of Structures, Author: Haines, Publisher: Lippincott, Edition: 8, Year Published: 12 ISBN: 9781605476537
    • Principles of Neural Science, Author: Kandel, Publisher: Mcgraw Hill, Edition: 4, Year Published: 00 ISBN: 9780838577011
    • Evidence-Based Medicine (w/CD), Author: Straus, Publisher: Elsevier, Edition: 4, Year Published: 11 ISBN: 9780702031274
  • CSM­- Please consider attending the Combined Sections Meeting in Chicago, IL from February 8 – 11th with us! The PTGSA is currently looking into the best travel options to get the most number of people there for the cheapest cost. If you’d like to go, be sure to sign up ASAP on Please, take the survey sent to your accounts so we can budget accordingly!


January 2, 2012 |